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“Is Your Dog Wearing The Pants in Your Family?”

It’s been said that a dog is mankind’s best friend…but what if your dog is driving you into an early grave with a litany of behavior problems? Is there anything that can be done or did you just get stuck with a BAD DOG?

If you’re asking this question and if you’re desperate for a solution, you’re not alone. Every week, dozens of dog owners come to us tearing their hair out because their “best friend” is making them crazy.

Let’s see if any of these sound familiar to you…

  • Destroying furniture, shoes, hand bags and other expensive items.
  • Inappropriate barking, growling, or biting.
  • Digging out, running away or raiding the trash.
  • Marking their territory by urinating on your floor and furniture.
  • Ignoring simple commands to sit, stay, be quiet or lay down.
  • Jumping on people, incessant pulling on leash.
  • Aggression against dogs and people in your home.

If you can relate with any of these, here’s some good news: there’s nothing wrong with your dog.In fact, the above behaviors are completely normal and even expected…

…that is, if your dog thinks HE’S in charge…

That’s right, your dog’s behavior is determined by what they believe their role is in your household.As long as your dog thinks they’re in charge, trying to stop dominant behaviors s is like trying to stop grass from growing in the summer.

This is why dog owners (and most trainers) spin their wheels trying to fight off behavior problems, not understanding that they’re fighting against a dog’s biological instincts.

So is there ANY Hope for Your Furry Friend?

If you’re asking this question, you’ll be relieved to discover a secret which most dog owners will NEVER learn…

Once your dog has a clear message that they’re NOT the alpha dog, they’ll take on an entire new set of behaviors. Let’s see how these sound to you…

  • Leaving your personal belongings and furniture alone and only chewing on their toys.
  • Barking only when a real danger is present in your home.
  • Using the bathroom ONLY when they’re outside, and NEVER in the house.
  • Speedy compliance with simple commands to sit, stay, be quiet or lay down.
  • Walking peacefully on a leash and responding quickly to your commands to come when called.
  • Being gentle and submissive to you and peacefully coexisting with other dogs in your home.

Do these sound like the new behaviors you’ll like your dog to adopt?

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If so, the Question You’re Probably Asking is: “Does Dog Training Really Work?”

The answer is that most of the time it doesn’t. Most dog trainers in Florida have simply paid a $40 fee, and viola! Instant dog trainer. That’s right, no classes, no testing, no experience required. As you can imagine, this creates a problem for YOU when you’re looking for a quality dog trainer.

You might have even tried group classes with these dog trainers (most of our clients have) and walked away more frustrated and hopeless than ever. If this concerns you, you’ll be relieved to know that we have dog trainers who have been trained and certified by accredited dog training institutions, the police and the military.

Here’s how we’ll help you regain control of your dog’s behavior:

  • First, your dog MUST accept a submissive role before ANY behavior changes can be attempted.

Role clarification is the first objective of any experienced dog trainer. Once this simple task is accomplished, everything we teach your dog will be 100% easier. We’ll also WITH you to make sure YOU become your dog’s new trainer…for life!

  • Second, your dog MUST be trained on their “home turf” to make the changes permanent.

When a dog believes that their role is to be in charge, their worst behaviors occur in their “domain…” in your home. So if you train your dog outside of this domain, you could end up with false results due to your dog’s acceptance that they’re not in their territory.

However, the second they get back home, the “I’m in charge” hat goes back on and your blood pressure goes right back up. This is why we’re going to make it EASY for you and your pooch by doing things in the right order, and without you even having to leave your home…

Whew! Good to Hear that That’s Hope! So What Now?

If you’re ready to put a permanent stop to your dog’s dominant behaviors, here’s the next step….

Call us RIGHT NOW at 866-418-7246 to set up an initial in home consultation for you and your dog(s). You’ll also learn how our 100% FREE lifetime guarantee will assure you results that last…for life! You have nothing to lose, and your “best friend” to regain. Call now 866-418-7246



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