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In Home Boot Camp

In Home Boot Camp


Dog Training Dunedin

Dog Training in Dunedin? Southland Dog Training offers all phases of dog training to clients in Dunedin, Florida and all of Pinellas County. No matter what your need or situation. Our friendly staff is waiting to schedule your Evaluation Today ⇒

Dog Training Dunedin FloridaDunedin’s old world atmosphere and laid back lifestyle has endeared this sleepy little town to many from all over the world. Dunedin is the oldest city south of Cedar Key and has a rich American and Scottish history. Noted for having one of the largest fleet of sailing vessels in Florida, Dunedin now boasts beautiful beaches comfortable living as it’s claim to fame.

Did you know that most bad dog behaviors are easily solved? Even things like chronic barking or marking in the house can resolved with the right type of training. Most of these problems are related to your dog not understanding who is in charge. Dominance issues especially in small dogs can spell the difference between a dog that is a pleasure to own and one that’s not.

Southland Dog Training comes to your house to train your dog. We actually work hands on with you and your dog. Your dog will learn to be obedient as well as learning not to display negative behaviors. Things like digging, chewing, barking, pulling and dog or people aggression can be dealt with in as little as six weeks.

Do you really want have a well trained dog? Then call Southland Dog Training to schedule an evaluation. Don’t put up with your dogs bad behaviors! Call 866-418-7246


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