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In Home Boot Camp

In Home Boot Camp


In Home Boot Camp Obedience Training for Dogs

Take Charge!

“Don’t send your dog away, try our In-Home Doggie Boot Camp”

If you’re ready to bring your dog’s behavior problems to a screeching halt, you’re about to discover why more smart dog owners are choosing at home training boot camps for creating fast and lasting behavior changes.

For many years, dog owners have feared sending their pets to in kennel boot camps, and for good reason. For example, there are the horror stories of sending your dog away to get their behavior problems under control, only to find that their disposition will never be the same.

As professional trainers, we talk to dog owners all the time who regret sending their pet away because the dramatic change in their dog’s disposition. Then you have the fear of your dog getting kennel cough or picking up more aggressive or territorial behaviors from other dogs in the class.

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But since the rise of the internet, more well educated dog owners are realizing that there’s another reason to choose in an home training boot camp over a group training or an away from home solution…

A Different Kind of Dog Boot Camp

Two to three times each week your trainer will come to your house and work with your dog(s) one on one. This means that your dog gets the kind of intense training that brings about fast results without all the negatives associated with sending your dog away. All of our regular programs come with the Doggie Boot Camp option so you can rest assured that no matter what the situation you can get the kind of outcome you’re looking for. Your Boot Camp program will include:

  • Housebreaking
  • Problem Behavior Modification
  • Obedience

Along with these you have a choice of modifying your program to include:

  • Place
  • Canine Good Citizen Prep
  • Off Leash
  • Pool Safety
  • Baby Proofing

So why is “In Home Boot Camp” so much better? Well it has to do your dog natural way of relating to you…

The Psychology of Dog Training

There are two reasons away from home training solutions have only a temporary impact at best. First, dog’s are very territorial, and their behavior at an away from home boot camp will be completely different than their behavior while they’re at home. When your dog is at home, they have a stronger understanding of their place within your “pack,” and their behaviors are born out of the role they believe that they play within your family.

In other words, your dog’s current behaviors are completely normal, it’s your dog’s understanding of their role within your household that needs to change. Obviously, this change can only be made within the context of your home, and that’s why at home boot camps are becoming the top choice for smart dog owners.

Second, you’ve probably realized by now that you can’t reason with your dog or feed their problem away using band aid solutions like treat training. However, you can make nearly instant corrections in your dog’s behavior using the right combination of physical stimulus and verbal commands…and without punishing the dog.

All it takes the right combination verbal commands and corrections for creating a lasting impression on your dog. Like the old saying goes: “A dog only has to get pricked by a porcupine once.” Your dog already has the capacity to learn quickly, all they need is the right kind of training.

Take a look at this video review…

After our at home dog training boot camp, you dog will:

  • Leave your belongings and furniture alone and chew on their toys
  • Peacefully coexist with visitors and other dogs
  • Only bark when real danger is present
  • Walk on a leash without pulling or darting around
  • Know their place as the submissive pet instead of the alpha pack leader
  • Obey your commands the first time you give them

So if you’re ready to regain control in your relationship with your dog without spending hours and weeks of your life fumbling around with trial and error, here’s what you need to do right now…

How to Set up Your First in Home Consultation

Our boot camp obedience training for dogs come with a 100% lifetime satisfaction guarantee, so if you’re ready to see lasting results call 866-418-7246 right now or use our self scheduler

Schedule a “Free” 30 min Phone Consult
to talk with Cyndi about your dog.

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