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In Home Boot Camp

In Home Boot Camp

Peanut Allergy Dog Training

Peanut Allergy Dog Training - Photo by PhotostockSouthland has an advanced training team located here in Central, Florida (Lakeland, Tampa, Orlando, and Sarasota) that can help bring independence to people living with a dangerous peanut allergy through a properly trained peanut allergy alert dog.

Service dogs and human beings with special needs have a long history together. Southland Dog Training can assist you with training a detection dog that will assist those with a peanut allergy. By alerting you to the presence of peanuts or just the their residue your dog can greatly reduce your chances of suffering an life threatening allergic reaction to peanuts.

Contact us today so you can learn more about how a peanut allergy detection dog can assist you, your child or a loved one.

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