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In Home Boot Camp


Therapeutic Powers Of Therapy Dogs In Tampa


Tampa nursing home visit with a Therapy Dog

Therapy dogs are especially trained to provide solace and comfort to people suffering from different diseases or from different stressful situations.

Southland knows how to train therapy dogs so that they develop the right temperament to become gentle, patient, friendly, confident, and amiable. Their therapy dogs are trained in such a way that they are comfortable even in the presence of unknown people and they appear to be enjoying having any type of contact with them.

Animal companionship has been known to have therapeutic effects on patients. This knowledge has encouraged many health care professionals to train dogs to mingle with patients so that their stress is minimized, blood pressure is lowered, and their spirits are raised. In some cases, the therapy dogs Tampa trains, have also been known to have helped children to deal with their emotional and speech problems. They are particularly helpful to handicapped patients, especially children.

In order to ensure that the therapy dogs perform according to the set standards, many organizations have made it obligatory for the dogs to clear certain testing requirements. The typical tests are meant to find out how the therapy dogs react to loud and strange noises and how they are able to walk on unfamiliar grounds. The tests are also meant to find out how the dogs handle people with canes or people moving on wheelchairs or those who have different styles of movement. Their reactions to elderly people and children are also tested.

The healing or therapeutic qualities of the therapy dogs Tampa trains, have been put to good use in hospices, hospitals, and care homes. Their owners take them along to visit patients, the elderly, and the sick people in order to provide relief and comfort. It has been observed that even if the dogs spend five minutes, the patient feels relaxed and calmer. Some patients have also been found to require fewer medicines after the visit of a therapy dog.